What Makes Aspiring Entrepreneurs a Fit for the Scalable, Enterprising ShelfGenie Model?

For ShelfGenie franchise partners, success has always been about proven leaders harnessing their business-development skills and people-management abilities to scale up their enterprises and service clients with ShelfGenie’s wonderful solutions across entire major metro areas. This won’t change as ShelfGenie introduces a new, second model for franchisees, an “owner-operator” structure meant to capitalize on opportunities in smaller markets.

Success Energized by Passionate Franchisees

Since the birth of ShelfGenie in 2007, our success has been predicated on dynamic franchisees who have helped us put “everything within reach” for thousands of clients across a metro market made up of a handful of ShelfGenie franchise territories. Their energy and effectiveness are main reasons that ShelfGenie has earned a place on the Entrepreneur 500 list of top franchises for seven consecutive years, and the success of these multi-unit and multi-territory owners will continue to propel ShelfGenie in the years ahead.

All of our multi-unit franchise owners can consult with individual clients about their space-management and home-improvement needs. And every one of them can install ShelfGenie’s custom storage solutions. But their real talents lie in applying their business-leadership experience to expanding the ShelfGenie brand, solutions and services across a wide geographic area.

To do that, these “executive-level” multi-franchise owners must be able to do two very important things, very well.

Putting Together an All-Star Team

The first is being able to build teams of designers and installers who consult with home owners, come up with customized solutions to make these clients happy, and install our ingenious ShelfGenie systems. Our multi-unit franchise owners shine and grow their businesses by recruiting and managing these design and installation teams.

Our franchisees embrace the systems and processes that ShelfGenie has developed over the last decade for their success. By recognizing the individual management template that has made these owners successful, and applying these strategies consistently, every franchisee has the opportunity to thrive in their market.

Applying Past Business Success to New Adventures

Business development is the second important priority of our multi-unit franchisees. Our franchise owners have typically experienced success as executives and managers in other businesses. That means they know how to network in a community, how to size up potential market opportunities, and how to evaluate individuals they might like to hire for roles as designers and installers. Just as important is that their networking experience means that they’re good at sniffing out and acting on potential client referrals.

Work On Your Business, Not In It

This is why we like to say that ShelfGenie wants its franchise owners to work on the business instead of in the business. Our approach attracts successful multi-unit franchisees from all sorts of business backgrounds and walks of life.

How do we at ShelfGenie help these very capable franchise owners succeed? We have built a brand that combines passion with purpose to help home owners solve some of their most important storage needs. When there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, home owners are much happier. ShelfGenie also provides unrivaled support for our franchise partners, whether they are individual or multi-unit owners. This includes helping convert business leads into actionable opportunities for their consultation and design teams. This is a huge advantage that executive-level franchise owners recognize. By delegating day-to-day tasks to a talented team they trust, our franchisees can focus on high-payoff activities like business development. 

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