Green Business Ideas: Eco-Friendly Pest Control with Mosquito Joe®

So you want to be your own boss and start a thriving business as well as be a responsible steward of the environment and create a positive impact on the world around you?

Now you can do both.

Eco-consumerism is on the rise, and today’s property owners are searching for quality home service providers who can offer them earth-friendly solutions to their everyday problems. As a franchise business owner, you can help your community be green by offering your community safe and effective services and contributing to a more earth-friendly world.

One of the most successful eco-friendly businesses you can start is in the pest control industry. It’s called Mosquito Joe®.


What is a Green Business?

Essentially, a green business is an eco-friendly, environment-sustaining company that prioritizes sustainability and conservation in their business practices. Forward-thinking when it comes to environmental health and concerns, these businesses are seeing significant market growth and success as  65 percent of Americans want to buy from sustainable brands and 61 percent of millennials say they're willing to pay more for eco-friendly products and services.


A Green Business Opportunity in Pest Control

While some green businesses may seem obvious, the pest control industry isn’t one of them. However, demand for sustainable/green materials and procedures in pest control is increasing. People want to eliminate pests but in an eco-friendly way.  Green pest control methods focus on prevention and eliminating only the targeted insects when necessary, avoiding using toxic pesticides, and opting for natural-based products.


Mosquito Joe: A Green Pest Control Company

Mosquito Joe takes an environmental approach to pest control. Handling pest issues without having to rely on pesticide products, it can address its clients’ specific pest problems in a way that promotes the health of the local ecosystem and never puts vulnerable species at risk.

Mosquito Joe uses natural service offerings and non-toxic, natural-based pesticides and essential oils, such as lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, and garlic, to repel mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. It also makes recommendations to mitigate water and seal up entry points. 

These green treatments offer a great alternative to chemicals that can negatively impact pets and the environment and focus on a specific type of pest to minimize the risk to non-target species and reduce the overall impact on the environment.

One of the most important ways that Mosquito Joe sets itself apart is through its participation in the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP). PESP is an elite partnership with the EPA that promotes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. It focuses on reducing potential health and environmental risks associated with pests and pesticide use and implementing pollution prevention strategies.

The program has four main goals: focusing on educating the public on pests and pesticide risk, providing resources to members to accomplish their business goals, decreasing pesticide risk through prevention, and acknowledging and rewarding exemplary members for their sustained stewardship in the program.

Mosquito Joe’s green alternative solutions position it as one of the top eco-friendly brands in pest control, a sustainable solution for today’s environmentally conscious property owners.


Start Your Own Eco-friendly Pest Control Business

The focus on eco-friendly pest control is here to stay as consumers care about the quality of their house services, but they also want to promote safe, healthy, and responsible stewardship of the environment.

Whether you are interested in starting your own pest control business or expanding an existing one, Mosquito Joe can help you find success and reach your dream of owning a thriving business with the added benefit of partnering with an established brand and successful support and resource team.

Reach out to us today to learn more about Mosquito Joe and the exciting eco-friendly pest control industry. Going green is not only a responsible way to care for the environment but a profitable means toward owning your own company and realizing your financial dreams.

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