The Qualities We Look for in Franchise Candidates

The Qualities We Look for in Franchise Candidates | DVW Franchise

Some Dryer Vent Wizard franchise candidates worry their lack of handyman or technician experience will pose a barrier to success in our industry. On the contrary, the majority of our franchise partners have had no technical experience in the past. Successful Dryer Vent Wizard franchise owners span dozens of different job titles and verticals – from massage therapists and restaurant owners to air force pilots and Christian university CEOs.

Our training, support and business model eliminate the need for handyman experience. Instead, we simply look for people who believe in a high level of customer service, love our culture and are passionate about running a successful business. Here’s a closer look at what makes a successful Dryer Vent Wizard franchise partner:

They’re Customer Service-Minded

Dryer Vent Wizard prides ourselves on the high level of service we offer customers. Many franchisees’ favorite parts about being in business with our brand are the meaningful relationships and rapport they’re able to build with each of their clients. And, since dryer vents need ongoing cleaning, maintenance and repairs, the majority of our client base is comprised of repeat business.

Not only does this allow franchisees to get to know their customers better, it also eliminates the need for constantly going on sales calls and tirelessly working to get more leads. Most of your client base will be built within the first year – and because of the great service you give clients, they won’t think of going anywhere else for their dryer vent needs in the future.

 Dryer Vent Wizard franchise owners

They’re Community-Oriented

As with any business, Dryer Vent Wizard thrives when its owners are involved in their communities. Whether it’s donating to charities, sponsoring a local little league team or getting involved with churches, there are so many ways to make your franchise an integral part of the community.

Through our partnership with the Children’s Burn Foundation (CBF), many franchisees are able to get more involved in their community and jumpstart fundraising efforts for the foundation. From raising money by holding local fundraisers, attending open houses at local fire departments or donating a portion of their profits to the foundation, franchisees always come up with creative ways to give back while getting their community involved.

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They’re Team Players

Our great business culture and family feel presents one of our brand’s greatest strengths. Not only do we encourage franchisees to work family-friendly, 9-to-5 hours, our home-based opportunity also eliminates the franchisee’s need to be away from family for long stretches of time.

As part of our team and family-minded culture, our franchisees are also like a family of their own. Our franchisee network is comprised of nearly 100 tight-knit, cohesive team players who enjoy helping and supporting one another. Every year, our franchisees gather to participate in our national meeting – which is an excellent opportunity for them to network and share best practices. They enjoy the opportunity to get together, go over system-wide highlights over the past 12 months and attend presentations and round table discussions from other franchisees and vendors.

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Because Dryer Vent Wizard’s training and support program are so exceptional, we don’t have a specific profile for successful franchisees. Backed by our second-to-none support, professionals from any business background can kick-start a profitable business in the dryer vent cleaning industry. As long as they prioritize customer service and enjoy helping others, they’ll quickly be on the road to success in our franchise system and beyond.