Five Struggles Every Business Owner Faces (And How a Franchise Could Help)

Five Struggles Every Business Owner Faces (And How a Franchise Could Help)
  1. “Free time…I’ll have that when my business takes off.”

Time is by far your most valuable asset. If you find yourself putting off family events in order to complete projects, manage the books, or just trying to keep up with a seemingly unending amount of paperwork, it may be time to find someone who can help turn your bumpy business jungle into a smooth operation. Franchisors are a collection of highly trained and experienced business professionals, ready to help you navigate the rocky terrain of business ownership.

  1. “Ouch…how much did you say advertising would be?!”

One of the biggest struggles that new and experienced business owners face is the digital advancements in advertising, SEO and PPC. Because these trends are changing at an extreme pace, you can’t be expected to keep up on your own. Franchisors have extensive resources for marketing on a national and local level. Let their experts guide you through the marketing maze.

  1. “No one’s talking. My competition won’t help me grow my business.”

Franchisors offer great networking capabilities with experienced owners in your industry across the country. These people turn from competitors to collaborators who are interested in helping your business grow. In a franchise, when you succeed and provide excellent service, it increases the value of their business and vice versa.

  1. “Why are my employees leaving? I already pay them more than I can afford.”

Retaining your employees is about more than just a paycheck. Even some of the most well paid technicians will leave for a number of reasons. The real challenge is creating an environment where your employees WANT to work for you. This is another area in which a franchisor can help you develop an invaluable business culture to nurture and retain your current employees and attract the best new talent.

  1. “I can’t compete with the other guy’s pricing menu.”

Price and value are two very different concepts. Your competitors may be offering the lowest price in town in order to generate business, but reliable and repeat customers will pay quality prices for superior work and service. A franchise gives business owners the expertise and experience to offer quality work and services at discounted prices.

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