Is a Lawn Care Franchise Right for You? Your Guide to Greener Pastures

Sometimes the grass is “greener on the other side,” because those tending it are professionals and care deeply about its condition and appearance. They are included in the growing numbers of business owners in the U.S. lawn care market which is expected to reach over $62 billion by 2029.

Whether you’re looking for a career change, are an entrepreneur at heart and would like to run your own business, or want to learn how to start a lawn care business—or all of the above—a franchise in this lucrative industry may be an outstanding opportunity for you.


Lawn Care Business Considerations

Those considering buying a franchise in the lawn care industry need to understand their driving motivations before launching out on such a career. Here are some common reasons:


You’re New to Business Ownership or the Lawn Care Industry (or Both)

Buying a franchise in the lawn care industry is ideal for new business owners because of the growing and constant demand for lawn care services that will solidify your job security.  Since the lawn care industry growth rate is estimated to be at a 6.3% CAGR through 2030, it is less risky for new business owners than other industries—especially with a proven franchising model, where there's less risk compared to starting an entirely new venture.

For example, compared to the tech industry and its stiff competition, many start-ups fail because their product or service doesn’t meet a market need. That is not the case for lawn care services, where communities will always have a need, making them an attractive option for individuals seeking a reliable and sustainable venture.


You Want to Make a Difference in Your Community

When you provide lawn care services, you can improve community appeal, raise property values, and help homeowners gain pride in their properties. And since a lawn care business does more than just mowing lawns (weed control, mole removal, fertilization, fungicide, aeration, overseeding, and more), you can assist countless homeowners who have lawn care needs they can't fulfill themselves.

Should you buy a franchise, as a local business owner you will be involved in hiring and training local staff as well as providing employment opportunities that contribute to the economic growth of your community and help individuals support themselves and their families.


You have a Passion for Growth

For those who enjoy seeing growth, a lawn care business can give it to you in heaps. Growth can be seen in both the services you provide to customers to help their lawns flourish to the potential your business has to build and expand.  With an executive ownership model, it also means that you are building your business from the top and can hire the team you need to be boots on the ground while you focus on running your business.

As a further benefit of business ownership, you can control your schedule, gain income from a recurring customer base, and take on bigger and more exciting projects as you grow at the pace that best meets your desires and goals.


You Want to Quit Your Current Job

Whether you’re encountering a hostile work environment, low pay, or no advancement opportunities, now may be the ideal time to quit your job and become your own boss. The Pew Research Center reports that 60% of workers who switched jobs saw their earnings increase. 

Unlike a fixed salary in a 9-5 job, the success of your lawn care franchise directly correlates with your efforts and business strategies. You always have the potential to earn more based on your performance, client base, and the growth of your franchise. This also allows you to build a home-based business you enjoy and are proud of and can create a lasting legacy for you and your family.


How to Find the Best Lawn Care Franchise

The best advice on the real day-to-day workings of an industry and which franchises to consider buying is often found by those actually in the field who have been there and done that successfully.


Look at Branding and Experience

Instead of searching for a lawn care franchise for sale, research franchise companies to see if they are experienced within the industry and already have an established lawn care brand within their franchise family. If a franchisor is new to the home services market in general, it may not have a proven business plan or marketing strategies to help get you started. There is a reason why more experienced and successful franchises are so experienced and successful.


Understand a Franchisor’s Process

To help decide which franchisor would make the ideal partner for you, find out what the process is like. Since no two franchisors are the same, you’ll want to understand the number and size of their territories, how many successful lawn care franchises there are, and the kind of training they provide. Additionally, find out what type of support you can expect to receive after you launch because having the support you need from the beginning is crucial to your success.


Talk to Lawn Care Franchise Owners

Speaking with other franchise owners or reviewing testimonials can help you decide if investing in a lawn care business with a franchisor is right for you. These are real-life business owners dealing with real-life customers in real-life situations. Experienced franchise owners can offer helpful advice on how to tackle the challenges of owning a franchise and offer inspiration to help you reach your goals.


Reach Your Lawn Care Business Dreams with Lawn Pride® 

Lawn Pride, a Neighborly franchise, is an established brand with 40 years of industry experience and success. With an established operational model and comprehensive and highly responsive mentorship team training, you can join a thriving family of successful lawn care franchise owners. Lawn Pride also has a dedicated call center to field your calls and focus on booking and customer service, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business. 

To find out if the lawn care industry is a good fit for your skills and vision and if your motivations and goals are aligned with a company that excels in the lawn care services sector, get your free Lawn Pride Franchise Guide today and start your journey toward a possibly bigger, brighter, and greener future.


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