Why Veterans Make Great Franchise Owners in the Home Service Industry

The military can serve as the foundation for a civilian career for many service members. After finishing their military service, many Veterans seek a second career where they can use their skills and prior training to continue to serve their communities. According to the Department of Defense, more than 200,000 service members leave the military annually. When they leave the military, many Veterans are eager to shift gears but lack clear pathways to do so.

Owning a franchise can be an excellent opportunity if you are a Veteran searching for business ideas. While Veterans comprise 7% of the country’s population, Veteran franchise owners account for 14% of all franchise owners. Find out why franchising may be the perfect fit.


5 Transferable Skills For Veterans in Franchising

Franchising doesn’t always require prior business experience, and many of the same qualities prized in the military are equally valued in franchise entrepreneurship.


1. Dedication

Military members know how to work hard and reach goals. This kind of dedication is required when you become a franchise owner. Members of the military generally go through an intense training program to prepare for the work they’re going to do. Those training programs instill in service members the ability and dedication to learn quickly. As franchise owners, these skills will help Veterans ensure their businesses succeed.


2. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are critical when operating a franchise. Veterans not only develop the ability to lead and command, but they also foster a team mindset. Understanding how to manage people and situations can be easily applied when operating a franchise.


3. Systems and Procedures Oriented

The most successful franchise owners follow the guidelines set by the franchisor and utilize all of the resources and support available to them, all things Veterans typically excel at. The guidelines and rules created by the franchisor provide a comfortable environment for Veteran franchise owners, as they know that if they bring their skills to the table and do what’s expected, there’s a good chance they’ll replicate the success of other franchises.


4. Specialized in Working Under Pressure

When you’re a business owner, you’ve got a lot of responsibility-- something you are used to as a Veteran. Not only do Veterans typically perform under pressure, but they’re also extremely well-trained at meeting surprise challenges, adapting to change, and thinking quickly. Even under pressure, staying calm is often an underrated skill in business ownership.


5. Focus On The Bigger Picture

The U.S. military is a big-picture organization aiming to serve and protect American citizens. Many Veterans are interested in working for organizations with strong and meaningful missions. In the home service industry, in particular, many businesses exist to serve their local community.


Benefits of Veterans Franchising With Neighborly®

Although experienced, disciplined, and highly skilled, many Veterans face challenges transitioning back to civilian life. These Veterans may also need access to the right resources or networks to become Veteran business owners. Neighborly helps support Veteran franchise ownership with educational resources, discounts, and incentives for Veteran franchise owners.


Transition Training and Support

Neighborly's mission is simple: We strive to become the leader in franchising with transitioning military personnel and current Veterans to help them achieve their dreams and goals by being in business for themselves. There are many franchise opportunities within the Neighborly family of brands. Neighborly supports Veteran business owners as they build their franchise businesses with access to established systems and additional training.


An Inspiring Mission

At Neighborly, our purpose is to build a service community that enriches people’s lives by delivering amazing experiences. We’ve successfully developed an effective franchise business model that works well for everyone involved. We attribute our continued growth to this culture of encouraging feedback from our franchise owners, inviting them to participate in corporate-level decisions, and upholding our company's values.


Strong Veteran History

Don Dwyer, Veteran and founder of Neighborly, wanted to give back to those who served our country, and he started the VetFran Program soon after Desert Storm in the 1990s. Since its inception, the VetFran programs have provided the following Veteran franchise opportunities:

  • Neighborly franchise companies have awarded over $2.4 million in discounts to 374 Veteran business owners.
  • More than 500 franchisors currently participate in the program.
  • More than 6,300 Veterans have acquired a franchise business through the program.

Financing Support

The U.S. Small Business Administration runs a Veteran Advantage Loan Program that lends financial support and can assist Veterans looking to start their first franchise with Veteran franchise loans. In addition, Neighborly offers its own incentive and discount programs for Veterans, including a discount of [SM1] off the initial franchise fee for the base territory purchase.


Start Your Veteran Franchise Journey with Neighborly

Your time in the service shaped who you are, but it is not the only thing that defines you. Take the first step towards working in a leadership position, taking pride in building a local establishment, and working toward a higher mission. Neighborly franchise businesses come with name-brand recognition and turnkey support for planning, marketing, and operations, setting Veterans up for success.

Make Franchise Ownership Your Next Mission

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