Benefits of an Appliance Repair Franchise

If you are looking for a business opportunity that offers great potential for growth, then an appliance repair franchise may be the perfect choice. In our hectic lives, household appliances simplify and speed up our daily tasks, making them a necessity in many households. From washing machines to refrigerators and everything in between, we rely on our home appliances to keep up with our busy lifestyles, but all appliances need maintenance and repair.

This makes the appliance repair industry a great business venture for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. If you’ve been looking into how to start an appliance repair business, read on to learn more about why an appliance repair franchise may be the right opportunity for you.


Why Start an Appliance Repair Business?

Appliances are not just a necessity for homes and businesses everywhere - they are essential. And keeping those appliances working and in good repair is an essential service. Along with demand for businesses that services residential appliances, many small businesses also need quality appliance maintenance and repairs.

Because we rely so heavily on our appliances for our day-to-day activities, there is always a demand for appliance repair. In fact, appliance repair is considered a recession-resistant industry. This is because it’s typically more affordable to repair appliances than purchase new ones.

There is a growing concern among many appliance owners to boost their recycling and sustainability efforts. The economy is also a factor: during uncertain economic times, people tend to adopt a "make do and mend" approach to their appliances. At the same time, with more people than ever working from home, appliances are subjected to heavier use than they were before, leading to more frequent repairs and increasing demand. Many appliance repairs are beyond the ability of most customers to do themselves.

All of these factors combine to position appliance repair businesses as valuable assets to homeowners and business owners alike. Appliance repair professionals solve a significant pain point by offering to keep our appliances running at a lower cost than replacing usually would. This makes starting an appliance repair business a recession-resilient business ownership opportunity.


Benefits of an Appliance Repair Franchise

When considering how to start an appliance repair business, many of today's entrepreneurs are turning to a franchise model. This is because franchise businesses offer some unique advantages over trying to go it alone. In fact, whether or not you have experience in appliance repair, the good news is that you can still capitalize on this essential industry. Franchising offers the support you need to start and get your appliance repair business up and running quickly.

 Some of the other key benefits of franchising include:


Business Ownership Without Experience

With franchising, the support and resources you need to begin your appliance repair business venture are available to you right away and continue throughout your business ownership journey. A franchise consultant will guide you through the entire process, and comprehensive training provides a solid foundation in the business. There’s no need to know how to handle a wrench! In fact, most franchise owners start out with little to no appliance repair experience


National Recognition

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of starting a franchise is the instant national brand recognition that comes built into your new business. The brand is one of the most important and powerful components of franchising, because it attracts customers to the franchise network as a whole, and to your business in particular. Plus, a well-known brand comes with an established customer base who recognizes and prefers the franchise. That means that a lot of the leg work of getting started has already been done for you.


Work-Life Balance

Owning an appliance repair franchise is a perfect option for entrepreneurs who are seeking a work life balance. This is because with a franchise, you will be working on your business, rather than in your business. In other words, your focus will be on running your business instead of on completing the repairs yourself. 

This offers increased schedule flexibility, better work-life balance, and an endless variety in your day-to-day activities. You’re never stuck doing the same thing day-in, day-out. Every day as an appliance repair franchise business owner presents new challenges to master, new problems to solve, and new customers to interact with. 


Operational Support

One thing that sets a quality franchise opportunity apart from the others is the operational support. The best appliance repair franchises will be able to assist with all of your scheduling needs. This helps take the day-to-day workload off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your business. For example, with a Mr. Appliance® franchise, scheduling appliance maintenance and repairs online is easy and convenient! 

The customer picks the day based on the availability of your service technicians, as well as a preference for morning or afternoon service. Mr. Appliance will then set up the most efficient route on that day and email the customer a two-hour timeframe of when to expect their assigned service professional. Even better, that email will also include a photo of the staff member providing the service, providing even more peace of mind for the customer.      


Digital Centered

Some appliance repair franchisors also offer digital marketing support, including a professional website to help clients find your services. Marketing is an essential part of any successful business, but creating effective marketing campaigns from scratch is both expensive and time-consuming. Gaining access to world-class marketing materials and expert guidance on how to use them is another significant benefit of starting a franchise business.

Still, while great marketing is a good start, in today's digital world you need a robust technology platform to run your business efficiently and to offer the most convenience to your customers. That is why Mr. Appliance provides franchisees with access to computer software to handle administrative tasks, and the training to go with it. In this way, you start your new business fully supported and ready to grow!


Start Your Business Ownership Journey with Mr. Appliance®

With so many benefits, it's not hard to see why home appliance repair franchise businesses are becoming the go-to option for entrepreneurs and new business owners alike. As part of the Neighborly® family of brands, Mr. Appliance is consistently ranked among the top home service franchises by Entrepreneur magazine and other industry experts. We provide all of the benefits listed above, as well as the guidance and support you need to start your own appliance repair business.

For more information on how to start your own appliance repair business, download our franchise guide today

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