Exploring Alternative Careers for Construction Managers

Are you facing the brunt of price increases in construction materials or realizing that construction work isn't the dream job you once thought it could be? That may be a sign that you need to consider alternative careers. Can the skills you've mastered in construction unlock new challenges and opportunities? This resource is crafted to help you transition out of construction into a role that can offer a more promising and potentially more rewarding future.


What To Look for in Alternative Careers

Looking for a new career path can be exciting, especially if you're considering moving on from construction. It's all about finding a job that fits what you like and are good at. Making a change can let you enjoy your work and life more and show you the good things that come with picking a different career. We'll uncover how these shifts can bring you closer to the life you've always envisioned for yourself and what makes a career truly rewarding.


A Better Work-Life Balance

If the construction schedule's demands have you feeling cornered, it's worth noting that the ongoing labor shortage has only intensified the need for longer work hours. You're not alone if you're ready to transition from the unyielding demands of construction to a career that can afford a healthier work-life balance, allowing you to spend your time on what truly matters to you. Seeking alternative careers that let you reasonably control your own schedule could be the change that aligns with the life you imagine.


It Matches Your Passions and Skills

Did your initial draw to construction stem from a love of creating, organizing, or working outdoors? You can explore some alternative careers that harness these passions and skills, even if the day-to-day tasks may differ. Start some research to discover a fit that feels right for you.


It’s Lucrative and In-Demand

Switching careers shouldn't lead to a financial step back. When contemplating a career change, you must determine your financial goals upfront, considering the value of your accumulated skills and experience. Make sure you research so you know the market of any new industry you want to enter and if it offers the long-term viability and income potential you need. Doing that sets the stage for a prosperous career trajectory that aligns with your financial expectations and professional worth.


You Can Be Your Own Boss

Venturing into owning your own business can be the key to unlocking the work freedom you've been seeking. According to a Samsung Newsroom U.S. survey, as many as 50% of Gen Z participants are eager to start their own businesses, driven by the prospects of a better work-life balance, opportunities for career growth, and greater job stability. If you're considering stepping out on your own, these motivations likely resonate with you, underscoring the broader trend toward entrepreneurial endeavors among the younger workforce.


3 Ideal Home Services Business Ideas


Lawn and Landscaping Services

Embracing the fresh air and growth, lawn and landscaping services provide an opportunity to flourish in a thriving industry as alternative careers for construction managers. If you're considering a shift, know that the landscaping industry is booming, presenting a fertile ground for new ventures. Some of the advantages include:

  • Start locally in your community to build trust and establish your presence.
  • Benefit from low start-up costs without needing a storefront, easing financial pressure.
  • Enjoy the freedom to control your schedule, giving you the autonomy you seek.
  • Having the option to hire and lead a team makes the business scalable and less labor-intensive for you personally.

A career change for construction workers to lawn care and landscaping services can be a natural fit. It is where consistent demand from homeowners to municipalities gives you a reliable stream of business. By choosing the franchising route, you can leverage existing business models and networks to concentrate on strategy and growth.

Discover the benefits of franchising with The Grounds Guys® or Lawn Pride® by downloading our franchise guides.


Handyman Services

If you're the type who finds satisfaction in solving problems and delivering work you're proud of, starting a handyman business could be your calling. It's an avenue where your knack for quality workmanship can truly shine.

  • By offering a wide variety of home repair services, you'll tap into job security that's both diverse and in demand.
  • Scale your business at a pace that suits you, thanks to the consistent need for handyman services.
  • Building customer loyalty comes naturally when you're dedicated to providing quality service.

All of your construction skills, from carpentry to plumbing and electrical work, will be invaluable in this line of work. A handyman business is the perfect platform to leverage those versatile skills, as it will give you a chance to address all of the different home improvement and repair tasks.

Explore the possibilities with Mr. Handyman® and turn your construction skills into an in-demand business by downloading our franchise guide.


Electrical Services

As you transition out of construction, going into electrical services positions you in a specialized niche that values precision and expertise. If you're contemplating this shift, becoming a licensed electrician is pivotal, with requirements varying across states. Still, your experience in construction may have already laid the groundwork for this transition.

  • The electrical field offers a higher employment growth rate and average salary than many other industries, promising stability and prosperity.
  • You'll have the chance to contribute to the safety and comfort of families in their homes, adding a layer of satisfaction to your work.
  •  The opportunity to tackle exciting and varied projects can keep your career stimulating.
  •  Your existing skills from construction will serve you well, providing a solid foundation for this specialized service.

By starting an electrical business, you can command operations and lead a team without necessarily being hands-on with every task. This allows you to focus on the broader vision of your business, ensuring growth and success in a field known for its resilience and financial rewards.

Check out the rewarding world of electrical services and leverage your construction background by downloading the Mr. Electric® franchise guide.


Explore Alternative Careers With Help

Starting a career in a new industry might seem like a lot, but it's attainable if you have the proper guidance and support. If you are one of the many people working in the construction sector, many opportunities will leverage your existing skills for newfound advantages. While starting a new business can seem compelling, another potentially faster and lower-risk path worth considering is business ownership through franchising with a national brand. Franchising can pave a smoother path to business ownership because it allows you to capitalize on established systems and support networks that the franchising company has already field-tested.

At Neighborly®, the world’s largest home services company, we're dedicated to helping those interested in franchising every step of their path to business ownership, so when you're ready to explore the possibilities, take the quiz at Neighborly and see where your future could lead.


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