3 Reasons Dryer Vent Wizard is a Great Investment for New Entrepreneurs

Is your dream to start your own business? Business ownership can be an incredible experience and allow you a better future. Whether you want to start your career with business ownership or are simply ready for a career change, the key to success often lies in finding the right opportunity.

From the get-go, Dryer Vent Wizard® is ready to assist new business owners and set them up for success, offering them a straightforward business model that doesn’t require prior experience, a whole staff, or a hefty upfront investment. If you want to be in charge of your financial future running your own business, here are three key reasons why Dryer Vent Wizard is one of the best franchises for new entrepreneurs.


#1: Big Market Opportunity

Dryer vent cleaning is an industry with growing demand. It is estimated that at least 80% of American households currently use clothes dryers. Looking ahead, a laundry room ranks at the top of the most wanted features in a home, rated as essential or desirable by 87% of buyers, according to reports from the National Association of Home Builders. Additionally, where clothes dryers are located within a home is changing. In the past, most homes were designed with the laundry room against an exterior wall, allowing for easier ventilation. Now, homeowners prioritize convenience and want laundry rooms closer to the bedrooms or the kitchen. This means longer dryer vent ducts and a greater opportunity for lint buildup and blockage.

An estimated 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported yearly in the United States, with failure to clean as the leading contributing factor. Increased awareness of this hazard has helped drive demand for professional dryer vent cleaning services. Additionally, owning a dryer vent cleaning franchise offers these benefits: 

  • Strong industry demand - Dryer vent cleaning is a service many homeowners need to have done regularly. 
  • Recession resistant - Dryer vent cleaning is a service consumers deem essential and will likely continue to be in demand, even during a recession.
  • Not overly saturated - Cleaning and maintaining dryer vents is a $20 billion industry that is currently underserved.

Because Dryer Vent Wizard provides a much-needed service that positively impacts communities relative to fire safety and cost efficiency, you can start your entrepreneurial journey with a potential for growth and success. 


#2: Strong Support System For First-Time Entrepreneurs

Being a new entrepreneur can be intimidating and is often difficult. Franchising is a way to get started as a first-time entrepreneur with a built-in support system to get through the highs and lows.


Initial Training 

Before your business launches, you’ll complete an extensive training program. Since no previous experience is necessary to own a Dryer Vent Wizard franchise, this face-to-face training is instrumental to getting new locations up and running. During this in-person training, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the business. You’ll also receive hands-on experience in the field. This comprehensive initial training program focuses on all aspects of the business and allows Dryer Vent Wizards’ newest franchisees to absorb valuable insight.


Ongoing Support

For most people, buying a franchise is a new endeavor. For this reason, once your business is up and running, you also benefit from ongoing support from both the corporate team and other franchise owners. Everyone is vested in each other’s success and willingly shares their knowledge like an extended family. Additionally, with Wizard University, franchisees can access a collection of step-by-step guides on performing various maintenance jobs. That way, if a customer needs a service the franchisee is new to, the owner is already armed with an easy-to-read tutorial along with access to peers in his or her network that can offer tips and advice.


#3: Tools For Success

One of the most incredible benefits of franchising for new entrepreneurs is receiving the tools and resources needed to position them for success. When you open a franchise with Dryer Vent Wizard, you will get all the tools you need for long-term success, including:

  • Marketing - By taking advantage of proven local marketing methods, Dryer Vent Wizard assists their new franchises in getting their name out into the community. This includes resources franchise owners can leverage for social media and SEO.
  • Scheduling - The Dryer Vent Wizard scheduling center provides business owners with trained scheduling representatives, seven days a week, who take incoming calls from potential clients and add them to their weekly calendars. This allows new entrepreneurs to focus on learning and growing their businesses without worrying about missing a call or losing business. These representatives also call existing customers to schedule re-cleaning, which generates repeat business.


New Entrepreneurs Can Experience Growth and Success With Dryer Vent Wizard

When selecting a franchise to invest in, it’s important to consider a concept that has a strong market and offers the growth potential you want, but it’s also crucial to choose a franchising company that will give you the franchise help, tools, and support you need to make your business successful. With Dryer Vent Wizard, our training and support make us the ideal choice for your first-time franchise experience.

Talk to a franchise developer to learn more today.



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